Way back to Sweden or the Old New Year

The first evening in my cozy apartment in Gothenburg in 2013. I’m quite tired. And it’s possible to understand – after 15-hours train journey and 2 flights – I felt happy when the plane has landed in Landvetter airport.

Swedish clouds
Swedish clouds

From Moscow to Stockholm I came by plane operated by SAS, and then to Gothenburg by Norwegian. Just would like to share some impressions. Both companies are very punctual – like real Scandinavians. And innovative as well. Today I found out that Norwegian airlines in 2011 was the Europe first company that has launched in-flight on-board Wi-Fi Internet access for passengers. It’s great to make photos and directly post them on Facebook, or even chat with parents and friends. Or to buy ticket to bus express to the city as I did 😉

And now winter holidays are over. May be for some of you it may sound strange, but in Russia traditionally winder holidays are important and long – ten days off for all the country. And usually the last day of holidays is a holiday with weird name – the Old New Year. And today is exactly the Old New Year Eve. And today I came back to Sweden.

The Old New Year is a significant holiday. After the changes in the calendar from Julian to Gregorian in Russia in the beginning of the 20th century, people felt that previous calendar was so important that’s why they came up with creative idea – to celebrate New year twice – according the new Gregorian style and according old Julian calendar – two weeks later. For a person outside of the culture it sounds strange – but Russians still keep the tradition to celebrate Old New year.


In Sweden today is also holiday – St.Knut’s Day that marks the end of the Christmas season in Sweden.

So, plenty of holidays and nice events! Keep in touch!

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