See you soon Göteborg

Goodbye Sweden

Unfortunately two weeks ago I had to leave Sweden. My Erasmus is over and my academic obligations are claiming my presence in Alicante (Spain), my homeland. I am sad to leave such a beautiful city like Gothenburg where I lived so good times, but fortunately these days filled with joy as the Christmas holidays with family dinners, party with friends, etc., are making easier to overcome my “post-erasmus depression”.

These last four months have certainly been one of the best times of my life and I know that I will always keep a nice memory of them. In these months I have traveled a lot (Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Riga, Lapland, etc..), I have visited the most beautiful places in Gothenburg (The archipelago, Slottkugen park, Skansen Kronan, Kontsmuseet, Keillers park, the friendly neighborhood of haga, Liseberg, etc) I have been partying in the best places of Avenyn Boulevard (Parken, Sticky fingers, Exet, Parklein, Jazzhusset, the Queen, Cold, Handelspuben, etc.), I have studied and learned a lot thanks to the university Gothenburg (creative marketing, customer satisfaction, strategic environmental assessment, consumption and markets, Swedish, etc..).

But if there is a reason why I am really happy to have made this Erasmus in Gothenburg is the great people I have met here. I have met hundreds of people here during these months, but there are a few that I can never forget, as my great friends Léa and Giulia the kanelbulle eaters, also great Spanish friends as Peter, Alejandro, Natalia, Alicia, Roberto, etc.. Friends with whom I have lived good times and helped me to improve my punctuality as Julia. My dear roommate the cuban crazy Lolo. Friends from all over the world as the Canadians Matt and Sean,  the Australian David King of Helmuts, or the Italians Alessandro and Federico. I have also made good Swedish friends as Elin the buddy group. I cannot forget my bloggers mates Devin, Pavel and Lauren. And many many more good friends who have made this Erasmus an amazing experience.

This is my last post for this blog from the University of Gothenburg. Narrate my adventures through this blog has been very positive for me and have made my erasmus experience even more special. I hope you’ve enjoyed following my post at least as much as I enjoyed writing them.

I want to recommend Gothenburg to all students who are looking for a destination for an Erasmus or to continue their university studies because it is a great city with a great university and especially with great people.

For now I have to finish my master in Alicante (Spain), perform a couple of month´s internship here, write my Master’s thesis and work during the summer to earn some money. Probably after next summer, if things are not going better in Spain with the economic crisis, I will come back to Gothenburg to look for work and spend more time in this beautiful city. Thus, this is not a goodbye, but just a see you soon.

Gothenburg has been a pleasure. Thank you very much for everything, see you soon and Happy New Year.

Swedish Flag signed by my friends
Swedish Flag signed by my friends

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