Happy New Year! Gott nytt år!

Tomorrow is the last day of 2012. It was a long year, indeed! If you remember (to be honest I didn’t) it was a leap year – that is a one day longer than an average year. But longer or shorter – everything comes to an end.

Father Frost
Russian Father Frost

I’m celebrating New Year with my big and beloved family in snowbound Russia. This year it was a long way for me from Sweden to Russia, and I will share photos and impressions from my journeys soon. And traditionally the last day of the year we recall everything happened with us during the year, remember lessons we received from the year, and make some wishes for the New Year.

I am sure everybody will remember 2012 in Sweden due to several key events. In February Crown-Princess Victoria gave birth to a new member of the Swedish Royal Family, and little Princess Estelle became the hero of thousands news reports. In last May almost all Sweden sat behind TV screens and cheer for Loreen – Swedish singer, representing country for Eurovision song context. And it was a lucky year – Sweden won! And next year 2013, the Eurovision will be in Malmo.

For me personally, it was a very important time of personal and professional growth! During the year I felt more and more that even though I was a quite experienced specialist before – I keep development. And I really enjoy the time in the University of Gothenburg, with high-skilled lecturers and professors, and with inspiring course-mates! I am sure that 2012 will find quite a big spot in my memory: it was unique opportunity to participate in the Stockholm Internet Forum, to visit Swedish Parliament Rigsdag, organization of the Fourth Nordic Symposium on Multimodal Communications, and I will indeed remember all fantastic people I met.

In Russian tradition Father Frost (analog of Santa Claus and Jultompten) coming to our houses not for Christmas, but at New Year Eve. He brings presents and grants our wishes. I sincere wish for all of us in 2013 to realize our dreams, to find what we are looking for, to rich the highest goals we can set! And finally I wish to you ocean of smiles and happiness!

Happy New Year! Happy 2013!

Sincere, Pavel

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