“Jullov” kickoff in Gothenburg: What to do when school is out!

I am finally done with school for now, and have what all Swedes call “Jullov” (Christmas break!) Its funny because in Sweden there is also “somarlov” (Summer break), and to me the word “lov” sounds strangely close to the English word “love” which is fitting because I think everyone is really loving this break from assignments, deadlines, and exams! haha.

To kickoff my “Jullov,” I planned a fika date with one of my friends who actually used to go to the same high school as me in Florida, now after 7 years and fluent in Swedish, shes studying at the same uni as me! I love how small the world can be sometimes!

Long story short, she is awesome for recommending this American-breakfast diner inspired cafe, right here in Gothenburg! The place is called “Egg & Milk.” I absolutely freaked when I walked in and saw maple pancake syrup and Heinz ketchup! haha. I ordered from the “brunch menu” eggs and bacon, came with everything bagel, yogurt, and coffee. And my friend of course had to get the all-american pancakes. I was so in my element here, super cozy and friendly!!

Some differences include:

  • The meal was laughably small compared to an American dish, but then again…Swedes are much healthier in their eating habits. 😉
  • Quite expensive to eat a full meal 89 SEK (around 14 USD)
  • Best part though, was no American waitress trying to rush us out the door in order for new guests to come. Here, we got to sit as long as we wanted and really take our time.

TIPSAs everyone is in great spirits because they are either flying home to see their families, or just relieved to get a break from life for a second, I thought of some tips on what to do if your a student staying in Gothenburg this Christmas break:

  1. Travel – Take a trip to Copenhagen or Stockholm, or if your lucky enough to have friends living outside Sweden try and book cheap flights! My friends and I will be spending new years in Paris! I am super excited!
  2. Grab a fika with a friend (maybe try Egg & Milk?) 😉
  3. Go to Nordstan Mall and watch all the Swedes frenzy over last minute Christmas shopping.
  4. Bake some cookies, light a candle, and listen to Christmas music.
  5. Have a Swedish Christmas movie night with friends and drink warm glögg and watch something like “Tomten är far till alla barnen,” a well known Swedish Christmas flick.
  6. Build a snowman (if the snow is still here for Christmas!)
  7. Lastly, instead of doing a New Years resolution this year, I decided to plan more long term…so my boyfriend and I are going to make bucket lists! The first thing on my list is to hug a koala bear in Australia! hehe.

Hope this helps you all get in the Christmas spirit and I wish you all a “God Jul och Gott Nytt År!” 

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