My Friday in Gothenburg

Friday I had a lecture from 13.00-16.00 for my Quantitative Research Methods course. I am currently being taught SPSS, which is a statistics program to help you with gathering data and giving those numbers meaning. Just like when I took TV production and Web Design in my Undergraduate, I am always excited to learn new computer programs. Although this one is quite challenging (as it involves a lot of math and tedious steps), I am thankful to have great classmates that are learning through trial and error alongside me!

After class I went to my gym Sportlife. I’d say exercising is my go-to activity when I am feeling stressed from school. The endorphin’s I get post-workout keep me focused and positive. 🙂 Not to mention, they were giving out free glögg and godis afterwards! hehe. I took one to go and brought it to my boyfriend when we met up at the Central Station.

Then we went to Nordstan (Gothenburg Shopping Mall) to do some Christmas shopping! What I love about Sweden is that they have their own special word for Christmas presents. Presents in Swedish is “presenter” but for Christmas presents its called “Julklappar!” (or Christmas gift.)

In my Swedish family, the tradition is to only get gifts for the children in the family, and then I guess smaller presents for the adults which my boyfriend said we will be having a fun gift-game later? I have a feeling it might be like a white elephant gift exchange, but excited to experience the Swedish Christmas and their random holiday games! lol. So we spent the evening in “Lekia,” which is like the ‘Toys R Us’ of Sweden. I found my self lingering in the ‘house’ section, with all the little foods and tea sets, guess I reverted back to a little girl for a while! hehe.

Before catching the train home we treated ourselves to an All-American meal at Mcdonalds (except much more expensive here haha) Oh…and I got a paperrazi shot of Santa…or Jultomten!!

Tonight I will be attending “Jul pa Liseberg” with some friends. Definitely feeling the Christmas spirit here in Gothenburg!



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