This is living :D

Tonight, I went to another street dance class at my gym, Fysiken. It was so much fun. Tonight we had four teachers that worked together to create a really fun and energetic routine. I had the best time dancing my butt off!

During our “cool-down” time after we were done dancing, the teacher instructed us to stand in a circle with our hands in a prayer position. They dimmed the lights, and everyone walked around the room in a circle singing the song of St Lucia. I didn’t know the words or the melody, but it was so great to have this uniquely Swedish cultural experience! I’m so happy to be in a new country and getting to know this different way of life.

When I walked out of class, I saw this!


Free glögg and pepparkakor! I stopped and enjoyed a glass with the instructors- really sweet Swedes that are also students of GU! One of them explained to me that, even though she is now old enough to enjoy a glass of alcoholic glögg, she still prefers this alcohol free version because it reminds her of the feeling of christmas that she had as a kid. I think it’s delicious! It tastes a bit like warm lemonade- which may sound strange, but wait until you try it to judge!

Jag älskar Sverige!!!! ❤

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