Saint Lucia’s Day is coming

Yesterday I asked one Swedish person, why the Day of St’Lucia is so popular is Sweden? And she was thinking quite long before she started talk. To be honest she had a single idea – why it is so. But she said that Swedish winter is so dark and long and Swedes are happy to celebrate the St’Lucia Day with lights, songs, and special cookies. So, maybe there is a piece of true.

As I found from open sources that the tradition of celebrating St’Lucia came to Sweden with German Catholics settled in Sweden. During the XX century the tradition became stronger and stronger. In 1927 the first official Lucia of the year were elected in Stockholm. And as my friend said the elections of girls who will play Lucia going in all levels! From primary schools and local communities and to the regions and country as a whole! It is undoubtedly great. To be elected as Lucia is very prestigious.

Luciatåg in Vasakyrkan, Chalmerskör 2012
Luciatåg in Vasakyrkan, Chalmerskör 2012, photo by Daniel Wahlberg

According the tradition the members of Luciatåg wearing long pure white dresses, holding candles, and the girl playing Lucia has a candle-wreath in her hair. It’s looking really fantastic, but in my opinion it could be dangerous. Walking with burning candles on the head is difficult.

The reason why I decided to post about upcoming Lucia ceremony is that tomorrow Gothenburg will try to make the world’s biggest Lucia parade. And each of us can contribute to that unique opportunity! So, tomorrow (December, 12th) at 16-45 people gather at Götaplatsen near Poseidon’s monument. Come and bring your friends! And let help to Gothenburg to be written in the Guinness World records book!

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