Christmas at Liseberg

Last week my parents were visiting me in Sweden, and we had a great time exploring city! For sure we couldn’t miss unique amusement park Liseberg offering Christmas program for visitors. So, we put on quite a few warm clothes to be ready for walking outdoors, and took a tram going to Korsvägen.

Liseberg met us with great fir-tree made of shining decorations. Twinkling lights surrounded by dark Swedish night were glorious. Just after a few steps into the park we felt that we are not in a real world anymore, but like in The Chronicles of Narnia book we found ourselves in breathtaking winter fairy-tale. If I remember right I read in newspaper that the park used more than 5 million light bulbs for the Christmas illumination, and it is really splendid to see how trees, houses and all surrounding transformed into something great!

Observing reindeers proudly walking around their small island within the park, putting freezing hands under hot colas in a kind of braziers around, screwing up our eyes because of shining illuminations, and listening to touching Christmas music, we felt happiness. And the Christmas Ice Show was undoubtedly one of the greatest memories we had.

I am sure that all gorgeous epithets that I employed to describe how it was cannot show even a half of my impressions. And it is definitely better once to see it your own. Though it was quite cold, we felt exited, and didn’t want to go back home from the fantastic fairy-tale, that Liseberg has done for us…

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