The Tradition of Chalmers Choir’s Christmas concerts

The last days were really amazing, full of Christmas spirit and singing. Friday and Saturday Chalmers Choir I am singing with have several Christmas concerts in Vasakyrkan. To be honest, for me it was the first experience of attending Julkonserter, and it was undoubtedly great experience because I was on the other side of the performance – I stood on the stage.

Backstage of any kind of performance is full of intensive work, and preparations. And Chalmers choir started preparations for the Christmas even in the end of September. Traditionally all pieces of music singing by heart without notes. And to be honest for me it was the first time when I learnt so many Swedish lyrics. Among them were traditional Christmas Carols, and Swedish Jul songs. And our Mans Choir singing for the first time new piece of music specially written this year by Jan H Börjesson with the lyrics of Erik Axel Karlfeldt “Svart Jul” (Dark Christmas), dramatic reminding the Christmas during the first World War.

Chalmers Choir is quite famous in Gothenburg, and all three concerts we had been sold out completely. The hall of charming Vasakyrkan was full of people waiting for the Christmas songs and spirit. And people I talked with surprised me that for most of them Christmas concerts of Chalmers choir is an important family tradition. The fiancé of my coursmate told me that she and her mother don’t miss a single concert for the last 10 years. And it’s really great! And even more – one lady told me that she comming to every concert since 1981. I am sure it a very good tradition to be kept.

Performance was terrific! And all people left the church with Christmas mood. I will share some photos from the concerts, made by Daniel Wahlberg. Enjoy!

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