Relaxing day in snowy Gothenburg

This week, after fairly progress with the task of the university, I spent last Friday just to relax, have my lunch on the city with some friends and take pictures of the beautiful snowy Gothenburg.

The place we chose for our food is called Soppa & Sunt, is located in Vallgatan 6 (near the tram stop of Domkyrkan) and is specialized in vegetarian food. This cosy place have a great price menus (no more than 60 sek) and you can choose between different kinds of soups, very good breads and there is also a salad buffé.

After the lunch we took a walk around the city and we went to the top of Skansen Kronan to take some pictures of the city, since it is now particularly beautiful due to the snow.

To finish well a nice relaxing day, at evening I went with my friends to watch the start of the Christmas lights in aveny, and to watch the show of lights in Götaplatsen. After this, as to take refuge from the cold we went to do afterwork in Bryggeriet. I ended the day in a funny Italian party with other exchange students.

Just another day of Erasmus life 🙂

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