Trip week, third stop: Students cruise to Riga


After two weeks away due to my trip to Lapland and a week quite busy finishing work of the University about the European organic food market, I again appear on the blog. It is time to finish to tell how was my travel week in which first I went to Oslo, then to Stockholm, and finally to Riga, capital of Latvia on the shore of the Daugava River.

Once briefly we visited the city of Stockholm I embarked together with hundreds of other international students in a crazy two-day cruise to Riga. This is a tour package offered by the company Scanbalt Experience, in which for just over 100 € I have had the opportunity to do a cruise for first time,  and also to visit a new country. The boat in which we traveled was the Festival Silja of the Tallink company.

Besides a lot of partying, on the boat we also had a great dinner and Scantball organized activities such as karaoke, speed dating, or bath in the ship’s jacuzzi. To quickly summarize what we mainly did on the cruise for those two nights, here are a pretty self explanatory video.

At Riga we used the 6 or 7 free hours that we had and took a nice walk around the city, visiting the most important monuments, as Ratslaukums Square (where the city ayundamiento), the Freedom Monument (symbol of the independence of Latvia), Doma Cathedral and the Riga Castle. The city is not too big, so is easily explored by foot. I recommend that you carry out a guided tour as it is the best way to see the city and understand its history.

Aside from cultural tourism, I also have to advise you that if you visit Riga, take advantage to buy alcohol supplies in this country because it is much cheaper than in Sweden. But yes, always remember to drink in moderation.

This same ship company has another cruise like this but to Tallin, capital of Estonia, also from Stockholm. Maybe make that cruise next year or in the following years would be a good way for all the international students who are studying in Sweden this year to meet again in the future. I suggest that, What do you think about it?

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