Lapland: In pursuit of the northern lights

Northern Lights

Since I started writing in this blog I have talked about few trips I have made during my Erasmus in Sweden. Today I come to speak of another trip, but not any other, but about which has certainly been the best trip of my Erasmus, and possibly the best trip of my whole life. I am referring, how could it be otherwise, to my trip to the Swedish Lapland.

Like the cruise trip to Riga, I made this trip also with the company Scanbalt Experience, which is specialized in organizing trips for students in northern European countries. Specifically the trip that I’ve made ​​is the package called Lapland Express.


Although this is a 6-day trip, the stay in Lapland is of only 4 days, as the first and last days are just bus ride. The tour price (starting from Gothenburg) is 370 € and includes transport, accommodation in hostels and some activity, although most of the activities have to book them apart. I booked for example an activity called combi tour which included snowmobiling and dog sledding (80 €) and a visit to the world’s largest underground  iron ore mine , located in Kiruna (25 €). But you also have the opportunity to book ice climbing or cross country skiing through the astonishing Abisko National Park.

I would like to give you some tips for this trip. First, bring you a good pillow for the bus because you are going to spend many hours on it (about 22 hours). Anyway don’t worry, the bus stops each 4 hours. You must also bring you enough warm clothing, since the temperatures there are extreme (when I was there we reach -28 º C). Among this warm clothes can not miss snow gloves, under pants, boots, scarf, hat, enough warm socks (you need to wear always 2 or 3 pairs ), long sleeve thermal shirt and of course a good coat. Another important thing is to have a good camera to photograph the beautiful views offered by Lapland. You can not forget a lip balm (I forgot mine and I have my lips destroyed from the cold ). It is also important to bring a bathing suit for the sauna and bath in the icy lake.

The bath in the icy water of Lake Torneträsk was one of the best experiences of the whole trip. But personally, what I liked most about this whole trip was the night we spent in Abisko doing a barbecue inside a Sami tent and after dinner we were outside singing around a bonfire that protected us from the -20 degrees, and looking the night sky to see the wonderful phenomenon of the northern lights. We were very lucky to see this phenomenon, and it was something that made ​​the trip even more special.

This trip is an experience that can not be explained, you have to live it. Therefore I recommend that if you have the chance to go, do not waste it because it is a magical and unforgettable experience.

Here you have a few pictures of my trip, to give you an idea of ​​what it is, and you also have a video I made ​​with some of the videos that I recorded there. Enjoy it.

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