Erasmus – What it is, and how to do it!

So I wrote a little post last week about an application to study abroad in Austria…Well I am pleased to tell you that today I received some great news that I have been nominated as an Erasmus student for 2013!

Erasmus is basically a “exchange student” situation, with a few more benefits. As an Erasmus student, you study at a university in another European country for 3-12 months, on the same basis as domestic students, but without having to pay any tuition fee. You’ll also receive a grant from the European Commission. You can also choose to do an internship in Erasmus at a company or organization in Europe for 3-12 months. Even then, you get a scholarship.

If you are interested in studying abroad then just DO it! here’s a blog that talks about students thinking about studying abroad cleverly titled “Just Go!” hehe. Want to know how?

1. Contact your department or go to a counselor and/or the international office at your university. They can help you with your application and give you more information on conditions and the application deadlines that apply to you.

2. Ask other students who have done Erasmus about all their Erasmus tips. They know best!

3. Get financial support. I have been told that there is an “Erasmus grant” given to Erasmus students. Coming from a country where students spend their entire lives paying off student loans, its nice to know that in Europe, the students get paid for once. Here’s a link of info about Erasmus grant.

I will keep you guys posted on my plans to live and study in Innsbruck, Austria!

My train ride home from class. Ello!
My train ride home from class. Ello!

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