The first cold and the First Advent

The first day of December came with cold weather in the whole Sweden. People wear warm outfits, fur hats and cozy gloves. But some people are still try to be brave and walk wearing light jackets and hatless. The Internet full of new that today there is a new record of the low temperature, Saturday morning in Northern Sweden somewhere in-between Kiruna and Gällivare there was -33.5 degrees Celsius. And one of our bloggers, brave Juan Pedro – now traveling in Kiruna. I think in a few days when he will be back in Gothenburg we should expect plenty of impressions about “Polar” weather from a person from South!

But I actually was about to write a short post about tomorrow’s holiday and the way to be prepared. Tomorrow, December 2nd, in Sweden is the First Advent Sunday. The four Sundays before Christmas are special days. And the way to signal that countdown to Christmas begins to put on your window wooden triangle with little electric lights that calls Advent candlesticks.Advent candlestick

I think that you have already noticed the nice triangles in windows, and during the first week of December almost every window in the city will be lighted with those triangles. You can buy them in many places, and they can be very different in regards to materials, colors and price categories.

So, Christmas is near – let countdown be started!

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