Gym in Sweden!

A couple weeks ago, I bought a membership to a gym here, and it is one of the best decisions I’ve made in Gothenburg!! I chose the gym Fysiken because they offer great student discounts, there are lots of students that use their facilities (lots of potential friends!), and one of their locations is just a 4 minute walk from my apartment. [See my apartment by clicking here]

I’ll try to make another post with more pictures next time; I haven’t taken any more yet. But here’s what it’s like to work out with Fysiken.

There are TONS of classes every day that you can take for free as a member. Because of my work schedule, I can only go to the gym after 17:30, but I still have plenty of options for classes. So far, I’ve taken a Gym Introduction (about 1 hour of learning how to use different machines in the gym), a Street Level 2 dance class (So much fun! There were guys and girls), and a bunch of spin classes (biking). The spin classes are held in a special room with about 40 bikes. You wear a pulse monitor and your heart rate is shown up on the front wall so that you can always know if you are keeping up with the instructor. There is also an overview of the workout so that you can know how many minutes you have left and where your heart rate should be. The instructors pick great music, the lights are dimmed, and there are even colorful lights. I would describe it as what it would feel like if you could get a  cycling work out while at a club! Haha!

It’s also easy to get work out motivation because all of the instructors look like Swedish super models 🙂

Devin chose a different gym. See her post about it here.

Oh, and the classes are taught in Swedish, of course, but the instructors are happy to give you some instructions in English as well if you let them know that your Swedish isn’t that great. But it’s a great way to learn some Swedish, too! I think I will hear my cycling instructor saying “Fyra, tre och två ett! Snabba tempo!” in my sleep.


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