Grocery shopping in Sweden.

I shall be hosting a Thanksgiving feast for my Swedish family this week, and as for

preparation, my boyfriend and I went grocery shopping the week before. Needless to say it was so funny to see how unfamiliar he was with all the ingredients and recipes.

First, we went to the recycling section at the front of the store and submitted our cans and bottles. Each bottle is usually worth 1-2 kronor and afterwards you get a receipt of store credit that you can use later toward your purchase.

Then I used the shopping list to find all the Thanksgiving necessities. But it was funny because I would ask my boyfriend to pick up something like “celery” for the stuffing, and he would come back with a big hunk of celery root instead! And the selection is very scarce compared to the US. There was only a tiny section of turkeys, and even they were tiny, we had to buy two to feed the whole family! Also, Sweet potatoes are not very popular here, as you can see from the photo…hehe.

But Friday is the big day, and I have some arts and crafts in mind for the children to do as well. Preparation for that included searching for pine cones in the rain and then “baking them clean” in the oven!

Stay tuned to see how this student with semi-cooking skills prepares a feast for her very culinary-skilled Swedish fam! 😉

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One thought on “Grocery shopping in Sweden.

  1. I had the same problem with celery! I gave my shopping list to my inlaws (As we were traveling and cooking there) and my husbands mother called to ask if it was Celery ROOT I needed – I explained, but they still couldn’t find any celery (Which is important for stuffing and the turkey!) When I got there we went into the store together and I found it in 5 seconds 🙂 Good luck with your feast- TWO turkeys!? wow – good luck! We found a 5.5kg one which fed 9 people and then 5 people for left overs the next day after cleaning the carcass.

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