Dissertation at GU

One of my colleagues from lab earned his PhD last week! He presented his research and answered questions from his opponent and the committee in the morning. After the acceptance of his thesis was announced, we all celebrated with sparkling wine and appetizers!



His opponent happened to be a leading researcher in my field of interest- cystic fibrosis research! It was incredible to get to meet with her and attend her seminar. As a lab member, I also got the chance to talk to her one-on-one for a bit. She actually lived in Scottsdale (the city in Arizona that I’m from) for awhile! That is the sixth person I’ve met in Gothenburg who has lived in Scottsdale! Small world.

The tradition in Sweden is that the new doctor hosts a party with friends and family to celebrate their new degree. It was a beautiful event. There were lots of seriously inspiring speeches from friends, parents, and siblings. However, I think my favorite part was when nearly everyone that works in lab with me got on stage and sang a song for the new doctor! Some of my colleagues wrote new lyrics to the tune of “Country Roads.” It was hilarious!



We ended the night by dancing for hours. It was really funny to see everyone that I work with dancing the night away! Even my boss got out there 🙂

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