Trip week, second stop: Stockholm

Hello again friends! It is time to continue telling how was my week of travels. After spending two days in Oslo, travel about which I already talked in one of my last post, and after just a few hours resting in my home in Gothenburg, it was time to take the suitcase again and continue the journey.

This time the destination was Stockholm, the capital and largest city of Sweden (and also of Scandinavia).

Like many other students from all over Sweden, we had to go Stockholm, because from this city is where began our cruise to Riga on Monday 12 November. A pair of friends and me decided to go to Stockholm on Sunday 11th in the morning and so have more time to visit the city before going to the boat. Furthermore us three we were lucky to stay at a friend’s house, so that the accommodation there was for free. Alberto thank you very much for everything! 🙂

For those who need a cheap accommodation in Stockholm I recommend the hostel Interhostel, which costs 200 SEK per night and is about 10 minutes from the center by foot.

Stockholm is a beautiful and huge city with much to see, so you need more than a few hours to know well the city. In the short time I was there, I was surprised by the amount of parks and channels that have, in fact it seems that sometimes the city is called the “Venice of the North“. Another thing that caught my attention about the city is how beautiful are its subway stations, dug directly into the granite rock. One of the prettiest is the Kungsträdgården, where you can see many relics rescued from the redevelopment of central Stockholm During the 50s and 60s. Very close to this area there is an ice skating rink, so if you visits the area, bring your ice skates.

Our friend Alberto also was our tour guide through the city. During the tour we walked around the river passing near small islands such as Essingen Lilla (The place with the highest population density in Sweden), Reimersholme or Långholmen. This latter Långholmen island has a rich history that is marked by the former prison that was closed in 1975. Today the place is a modern hotel with newly renovated “cells”. So if you want to spend a different night in Stockholm, this could be your place.

After taking some nice pictures from Mosebacke and Monteliusvägen, good points of view of the city, we ended our night route having a beer at Wirstroms (Stora Nygatan 13), a typical Irish pub in the center of Gamla Stan, the tourist center of Stockholm. Close to the pub is located Storkyrkan, the Stockholm Cathedral of the thirteenth century. Inside of the Cathedral you can see the impressive sculpture of St George and the Dragon (1489).

The next day we did not have a lot of time to visit the city, as we had to go to take the boat that took us to the cruise to Riga. Before boarding the boat we walked around Kungliga Djurgården, where is located Skansen, the world’s oldest outdoor museum and the Stockholm zoo. A pity we did not have time to visit it. I leave it, together with a visit to the Vasa Museum, for the next time that I visit Stockholm!

As always, here I give you some of the pictures that we took during our trip.

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