Student’s easy cooking, Lesson 2

Red Bull Gives You Chicken Wings! 🙂

Mixing two things that I love: the marketing and cooking.

The other day I was walking around the job fair Gadden which Devin has talked about in his post, and among other things they gave me a can of Red Bull. As I do not usually drink that drink, I had an idea about a different and original way to use that Red Bull can.

I was thinking about the famous slogan of the brand Red Bull “Red Bull gives you wings“, and then I wondered why it could not be chicken wings, so today I have started to experiment in the kitchen and the result surprised me by how good it was. Here you have the recipe for my Red Bull Chicken Wings. Hope you like 😉

INGREDIENTS (2 people):
6-7 chicken wings
1 can of red bull
1 big onion
3 teaspoons of Lingonberry jam (the same that you put on the Köttbullar)
Olive oil
Half stock cube
Pepper, salt and a bit of onion powder

In a pan, fry the chicken wings in a little olive oil and medium heat. Previously you must have the chicken wings seasoned with salt, pepper and onion powder to your taste. For frying I use olive oil because as you know, I’m Mediterranean, but if you prefer to use sunflower seed oil or butter is fine too. Meanwhile, chop the onion and put it to fry in a saucepan, over medium heat too.

Once the chicken is browned and the onion also, put the chicken wings in the saucepan together with the onion, add the Lingonberry jam (to give a Swedish touch to the recipe), the red bull and half stock cube. Wait for half an hour, stirring occasionally and will be ready to serve. In my case I have served it with some boiled rice, but can also be accompanied with pasta or potatoes.

Here you have some pictures of the preparation process and the final result.

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And as we say in my country…  Buen provecho!!  (Enjoy your meal!)


7 thoughts on “Student’s easy cooking, Lesson 2

  1. I’m not sure why but this website is loading extremely slow for me.
    Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my end?
    I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

    1. Pues a la Coca-Cola lo he oído nombrar varias veces pero nunca lo he probado. Lo probaré, te lo aseguro. Los que si he hecho alguna vez es a la cerveza y otras veces al horno con Lambrusco y gajos de naranja mmmmm de rechupete 🙂

  2. Eres un máquina chico! Y pensar que el estereotipo de los estudiantes (y de los Erasmus) es Pasta, Pasta, Pasta, Pasta, Pizza, Pasta…. Ron con Pasta!

    1. Gracias tio, se hace lo que se puede 😉 Tratando de romper estereotipos. Y a pesar de que a veces haga cosas raras como estas, la verdad es que mi dieta se basa en pasta y arroz, a quien vamos a engañar? Fácil y barato 🙂 jajaja

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