GADDEN 2012 Review

I wanted to do a follow up post to tell you all what I thought about today’s GADDEN 2012 job fair. I think it was very impressive and fun! I walked to the School of business after my lecture with some classmates of mine and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of effort put into this event. When I entered there was a place for students to check in their winter coats and bulky backpacks, so you could walk around in nice attire with hands free to shake hands and hold information flyers.The fair was happening on 3 floors and wrapped around every corner of the building were different Swedish companies and student organizations. All of them ready with flyers, candies, and business cards. I stopped at a table for a recruitment company and started to speak with the worker there in Swedish, turns out he speaks fluent English as well and told me they offer internships for HR! It was fun to meet him and turns out he will actually be traveling to Miami, Florida for New Years! What a small world. 😉 I left with business cards, a managers personal email address, and even got a free “goodie” bag with lots of stuff students need like highlighters, toothpaste and hair products!

Next time: If you are contemplating if you should go to a school event, make the right choice and say yes! This was an extremely successful job fair and I had a great time. Kudos to all that made this event happen!

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