Trip week, first stop: OSLO

During the past few weeks I have made several trips around beautiful European cities that are relatively close to Gotenburg. The first of these trips took me and a Spanish friend to Oslo, the capital of the neighboring Norway.

This trip has been particularly cheap. The bus tickets I bought them with the company that I use regularly and which I have already recommended in previous post, GoByBus, and it cost only 240 SEK (27 €) per person round trip. On the other hand, our accomodation was completly free, since we stayed in the house of a friend who lives in a village near Oslo, and who treated us like true kings. Again, thank you very much Esther!

For those who want to visit Oslo and that haven’t lucky enough to have a friend there, I can recommend a hostel in which I have not been, but who have been there some friends. Is called Anker hostel is located in Storgata 55 (between the main street Karl Johan and the trendy area Grünerløkka) and costs about 30 € per night.

Before starting our trip, we wanted to get some idea of ​​what we can do in Oslo and for that we took a look at this post of a travel blog that is very interesting and that I recommend, though the only problem it has is that it is available only in Spanish.

Once in Oslo, after resting a few hours at my friend’s house and after recharge our batteries with a hot soup, we started our evening walk around the city visiting first the Royal Palace, located in the Dronning parken, where we were lucky to see the changing of the guard. During our walk we also saw The monumental building of the National Theatre.

Following this tour we went to the tourist information office in the central station, where we acquired the Oslo Pass which is a card that has many advantages and that I highly recommend. Among the advantages of this pass have free admission to almost all the museums in the city, free metropolitan transport, discounts and special offers in restaurants and shops and much more. This pass costs about 270 NOK (36 €) for 24 hours, but has a 20% discount for students, so it will only cost you 29 €. Totally worth it because you have the freedom to go to all the museums you want without worrying about the cost, and you can also move around the city using public transportation.

The next day we woke up early to make the most of the few hours of daylight, and to visit the highest possible places. The weather was not too good, but it’s November and Norway, so we were not surprised about it. We put on our jackets hood and start the journey. The first destination was the Vigeland Sculpture Park, where we did the typical picture with the statue of the baby grumpy (Sinnataggen). After visiting the park, we visited the National Gallery, where they are exposed famous works as “The Scream” and “Madonna” by the Norwegian artist Munch. After that, we visited the nearby museum of cultural history of the city, where we enjoyed exhibitions about Vikings and Eskimos, among others.

In the afternoon, we visited the Akershus Castle with huge rooms with typical XVII century decoration. We also visited the nearby visitor center of the Castle, where it was more information about the history of the castle and the events which had taken place within it over the years.

After that we visited the Nobel Peace Center where there is an interesting exhibition about the life of Mahatma Gandhi. We also visited the new and exuberant building of the Opera House that it is not far away from there.

To end a long and tiring day of walks through Oslo and to make the most of our remaining few hours before the departure of our bus back to Gothenburg, we took a subway and we went to Holmenkollen hill, where is the famous ski jump platform. There we wanted to see the beautiful views of the whole city there, but because of the fog we could not. Maybe next time.

As you have seen, Oslo is a city that has much to offer, especially in terms of cultural activities, and can be perfect for a weekend trip from Gothenburg, and by very good price.

Here I give you a gallery with some of the nicest pictures that we took during our trip.

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