Don’t Miss ‘GADDEN’ Job Fair!

November 21 and 22, is GADDEN 2012! This post is helpful for those “free mover” students like me who plan on living and working in Sweden for several years. You also need to know Swedish, but luckily I have 7 months of Swedish studies under my belt! 😉

What is GADDEN?

The career fair GADDEN is known as the biggest of its kind within the Nordic countries and is held annually in November. Each year a new project team is set up to take on the task of creating a meeting point for students and their future employers where career opportunities, networks and future jobs will be focused on; all this in only eleven months’ time. The actual fair is held at the School of Business, Economics and Law and attracts thousands of students and corporate representatives who are all eager to experience the atmosphere of the event.

Why could you be interested in GADDEN?

As a student here you receive an excellent education and one day will graduate from a well known and highly ranked business school. GADDEN will help you to enlarge your chances to combine your competence with companies that you could be interested in, in order to start your future career by entering the world of opportunities within different companies.

What’s in it for YOU?

They will help you to find your perfect match within the amazing world of opportunities at different companies. During the fair well known lecturers and business presentations will inspire you and of course trigger you to start off at the next step in your life – Your future career. Also they offer you the opportunity to get to know your company and to have a private interview session with your potential future employer. A large cocktail mingle and banquet will round off these two intense and interesting days, where you will have the chance to meet in a more relaxed scene. Take this unique opportunity and we hope to see you there!

Lastly, dress business appropriate and don’t forget to bring your CV in English AND Swedish!

6 thoughts on “Don’t Miss ‘GADDEN’ Job Fair!

  1. Cool, looking through Swedish version of the web-page I saw that to go you need to book a ticket. And surprisingly there is no information about it in English version.

      1. It seems that tickets are needed only if you wanna visit lectures during job fair.. but as there are no booking options available – seems that lectures are fully booked..((

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