Astrology and effective communication

Last Tuesday, the “lucky” day, November 13th, I had an open seminar in the University of Gothenburg with intriguing title: “How to use astrology for effective communication”. And the seminar was quite successful.

The idea to have an open lecture about astrology flashes my mind a few months ago. I’m sure everyone reading the post is curious, why astrology? Yes, it’s easy. To be honest I was trained in astrology a couple of years ago in Russia, and though I haven’t been doing it so often, I kept the interest in how astrology and knowledge about planets and Zodiac signs might assist people to better understanding themselves and others. And as a result I came up with a suggestion to have a seminar on the application of astrology in the area of communications that will be open for everyone interested in the issue. I was absolutely aware that it will be quite a few people who will be skeptical towards astrology and it was like this. However participants were rather open to new information than overcritical.

Due to the lack of time it obviously wasn’t enough time to tell everything about astrology, and even about its part. That’s why I decided to focus on a one specific issue to be presented. And as the focus was on one planet – Mercury – that according astrology are responsible for intellectual and communicative skills of a person. Thus the seminar was a kind of journey through the 12-signs Zodiac circle of Mercury. We discussed how position of Mercury in each Zodiac sign in personal horoscope influence on communicative skills and how that knowledge might help in better communication.

I was very happy when the seminar had a very good feedback from participants and people were asking me to continue lecturing on the topic. So, we’ll see!

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