Volvo Museum

Hej guys!

I finally made it to the Volvo museum this past “museum Sunday.” I had a great time! It was 60 SEK to enter. It is located about 30 minutes via public transport from Brunnsparken. It seemed like a strange location, but it was actually REALLY worth it because it was located on the water! The bus schedule is pretty limited on the outskirts of the city during the weekend, so when we finished with the museum, we had an hour before the next bus would come. But I didn’t mind because it wasn’t raining, and we got to spend an hour exploring near the water 🙂

The museum itself was pretty extravagant. I didn’t know that Volvo has anything to do with sailing, but there was a huge room with sailing videos/ boat parts/ little games. There was also a golfing game where you could practice your swing. I got to see the original desk that the founders sat at. We saw lots of cars and trucks, too, of course!

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