Journey to the End of the Night

Last weekend, I played a city-wide game here in Gothenburg. It was such a blast!!!

Basically, I started off as a “runner” and had to get to 5 different locations throughout the city in order. The catch is, I had a big blue ribbon tied to my arm, and there were many “chasers” scattered along my path. These “chasers” were marked with a red ribbon, and their goal was to sneak up on me, run me down, or trap me and tag me. When tagged, a runner has to remove their blue ribbon and give it to the chaser as a trophy, and then replace it with a red ribbon. Now they are a chaser, and must chase down the other runners trying to make it to the finish line!

It was so much fun! Some friends and I planned our routes, crept through the shadows, and ran through the city streets! Once I was tagged, I had a lot of fun chasing down other runners. I hid behind a corner of a building and popped out to tag one runner– she nearly had a heart attack!!

A friend told me this funny story that happened during the game:

Some of my friends were running through the park (Slottsskogen), trying to make it to the next checkpoint. Suddenly, they spotted a chaser running towards them, and one of them yelled “RUN!!!” to try and signal the other runners to get away from the chaser. There were a couple of guys with their dogs that were not playing the game (just enjoying an evening in the park)… but when they heard someone yell “RUN!!!”, they took of running as fast as they could along with the runners! Hahaha! How scary! They were asking “WHAT IS HAPPENING!??” Poor guys!

If you want to see pictures from the event or check for when it might happen again, look here:

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