Wake Up Lindholmen: CEO Gekås Ullared

Early birds met up last week on November, 7th at Lindholmen again. If you remember – it’s a really inspiring project running by the Lindholmen Science Park, and supposed early morning meeting for breakfast with mingling, and attending wake up talk with interesting people. Last time in September it was CEO of Volvo Group, and I was very inspired by Olof Persson, even though it was too early for my personally.  So, that time I haven’t hesitated and registered for the wake up meeting. And the real hero was undoubtedly CEO of Ullared Boris Lennerhov.

If you are new in Sweden, and even if you’ve been lining here for a while – Ullared is something very unique. The thing that I heard about it for the first time was, if you would like to see crazy Swedish shopping – go there – and join the process! I didn’t believe it. I really couldn’t imagine how calm and polite Swedes can become crazy shoppers. But anyway it was really unexpected cultural experience.

“What can you buy in Ullared?” – started Boris. And answer was clear for all who have

CEO Gekås Ullared Boris Lennehov

been there – you can “Allt som behövs I hemma och får plats I bilen” (Everything that you need for your home and that will fits to your car).  So, here is some numbers that I jotted down. Ullared is the biggest shopping mall in Northern Europe, that attract millions of people every day from the whole Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany and other countries. It’s 70 cash desks that simultaneously working to manage that great flow of customers. It’s more than 6700 trolleys to out the stuff you wanna buy. The summer Saturday July 25th, 2011 the record amount of clients visited shopping mall – it was 29,5 thousand people.  If you will take into consideration that in the small municipally where mall is located is only 791citizens. I’m not kidding! Check here.  Another record has been established recently, the last day of October (10/31/2012), clients spent 31,1 millions Swedish crones there. Sounds incredible.

Boris is a very charismatic person with incredible sense of humor. I think that after that morning I had a lot of energy and felt good even I’m not accustomed to wake up so early in Sweden. Check really energetic song “Till Ullared”, I like it a lot)




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