Non stop days

After several weeks of hard study, and with my last exam done, now I’m with some more time for me and I have started to spend time discovering this amazing city.

Last week one friend from Spain came to Gothenburg to visit me and to know the city. With him, I have visited a lot of nice places of the city that I had not time to visit before, such as the slottsskogen park, Sjöfartsmuseet Akvariet (the maritime museum), Göteborgs stadsmuseum (the Göteborg city museum), Masghuggskyrkan (recommended by Pavel in his post), and much more.

Now I’m writing these words from my iPhone seated in a bus coming to Gothenburg after a quick visit to Oslo, where I was the last two days.

After just few hours of rest, tomorrow morning I’ll go to Stockholm where I’ll start a two-days cruise to Riga, in company of exchange students from different universities around Sweden.

As you can see, I have a busy trip agenda these days, but I promise you that I’ll come back to the blog the next week with a lot of experiences and tips to share with all of you about my last days at the city doing tourism with my friend and about my last trips as well. See you soon!


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