Röhsska museet

Sometimes you just wake up and realize that today you are in a museum mood. It was with me a few days ago. And I decided to spend last Sunday in touch with culture and art. So, I decided to go to the Röhsska museum at Valand. And it was a very good choice by the way.

Let’s start with some useful tips. To explore different museums of Gothenburg you can buy a special ticket that is valid for the whole year and it costs just 40 kr. Keep the ticket and visit biggest museums of the city without additional fees.

Ok, Röhsska is the four-floor museum that located in a nice historical building in the center of Gothenburg.  Walking there is already a sort of gentle healing for a person which life is full of different stressful situations.  Museum exhibit very interesting collection of Asian arts and crafts from China and Japan. The big monument of Buddha is welcoming visitors at the fourth floor of the museum.

(C) Photo http://www.aveny.se

One of the most interesting things in the museum is the great exhibition on Swedish design. Installations let you have an imaginary journey through centuries and show you different examples of Swedish design thought! I warmly recommend you to experience it yourself.

It could be sunny or rainy outside – but inside museum is always warm and interesting!

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