Halloween in Gothenburg, Sweden

Bus eller godis?!

As an American girl, every year Halloween is celebrated in a BIG way! And I am pleased to see that Sweden has embraced this silly American holiday to allow all the shy people to truly express their inner characters!

This year, I went to an Erasmus student Halloween party at a club called “Parken.” in the center of Gothenburg.

But as all Swedes do, I also participated in a pre-party so students can actually hear one another talk without the music blaring too loud, and also to enjoy their store bought beverages vs. buying outrageously priced drinks at the club.

I go hard every year with my costume, and this year was no different. My boyfriend and I dressed as Barbie and Ken! The main difference I’d say about celebrating Halloween here in Sweden is that Halloween is more like whenever it is convenient for the Swedes, whereas in the States, there is only ONE Halloween night! My boyfriend also said that there are “trick or treaters” on occasion, but the kids and parents only visit houses of people they know, not an entire neighborhood. Sounds like those kids won’t be getting that much candy this year! But in Sweden, there is always “lördagsgodis” on Saturdays!

Luckily I didn’t have kids come to my door. Otherwise, I would have given them some Jolly Ranchers and Swiss Miss Hot chocolate packets that my mom sent me in a care package. And would say “Amerikansk godis smaka mycket goda!” 😛

Here’s a recap of my night, ENJOY!

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Want to know more about Halloween in Sweden? Visit here. A girl from New York I met in my Swedish class writes about her life from New York city girl turned Swedish wife!

One thought on “Halloween in Gothenburg, Sweden

  1. I love that you got to celebrate Halloween in Sweden! I should have waited until Friday to dress up! Looks like you had a great time, thanks for the link over to my blog 🙂

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