Turn clocks back or one year in Masthugget

The last weekend of October is a special time that is usually full of funny misunderstandings. And the reason is turning clocks. Today at 3am in Sweden clocks turned back for a one hour. The day became longer for that one hour – and, as people usually say, we can sleep longer during winter time.  The last Sunday of October is memorable time for me – because that day one year ago I moved to a really nice student residence in Masthugget – where I’m still living.

But let’s go back to a clock turning. Only last year, 2011, in Russia switching clocks for a winter-summer time had been stopped. And it was quite a big stress for people who used to turned clocks. Anyway, when we did it – it was always plenty of anecdotes. Some people missed their airplanes and trains, a brunch of romantic dated were crashed because people came in a wrong time. Even if one has turned clocks, most probably the other hasn’t. That’s why the last weekend of October and even the whole newt few weeks people double check time when they appoint meeting.

A couple of years ago I had a funny story. It happened at my parent’s house. The last weekend of October came – and before came to bed I’ve turned wall clocks in the living room one hour back. But nobody saw it. In early morning my mother woke up, and firstly, turned clocks in the living room one hour back. And she went for shopping. Then my father woke up, and he also turned clocks back. When all family met together for a dinner we were very confused with clocks. And then we realized that in our responsible family almost everyone turned clocks – and as a result we got clocks that showed time for three hours earlier than it was in real.

Remembered a lot of funny and confusing stories about time turning, the last year when it was a time to move I was ready to any misunderstandings. We appointed to have a meeting when the pervious tenant would give my keys from a place at 13-00. I didn’t know if she turned clocks or not. And I came early. And I was right, she didn’t.  At 12-00 (of winter time, when it would be 13-00 of the summer time) previous tenant messaged me – that she was waiting for me.  It was good that I suspected this type of situation and came earlier.

View from my window
View from my window

And as I’ve already told you – I’m still enjoying living in Masthugget. On the one hand it is a very central area, and on the other – it is very green and calm. In five minutes I could be in Slottskogen, and I could spend the same 5 minutes to be in Järntorget.  But one of the best things that I have is a view from the window. It is magnificent. I’m sure this is the view that every poet or writer would like to have. And I enjoy it every day!

Ok, it was quite a long post – and if you are still reading it – I should be very grateful! Have a nice evening and hopefully, you have already turned your clocks!)

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