Best viewpoints in Gothenburg

Golden fall covered the whole Gothenburg. It is already quite cold days and even colder nights. Today I would like to share with you my top three places with the best view on the city. And I hope you will enjoy visiting these places.

All three places I would to write is located very centrally, and it is easy to reach them by public transport.

The first place called Skansen Kronan in Haga. The great ancient fortress had been built in the end of the 17th century. But nowadays only a few cannonry remind the history of the fortress. The place is an amazing view point. From the top of the hill it is possible to observe center of Gothenburg, nice area Haga and Linné.  There are two ways to the fortress –one is stairs from Haga (you can hardly miss them, because Skansen Kronan gorgeously rises above nice small houses in Haga), and another one is from Linnegatan (turn to the left after bus/tram stop Prinsgatan, follow Lilla Risåsgatan and go up to the road). Place is lovely, and inside the old fortress there is a restaurant now – check more details here. And below there is a panoramic photo I took myself from Skansen Kronan.

View on the city from Skansen Kronan
View on the city from Skansen Kronan

The second place is Guldhedens Vattentornet, in the Guldheden area. There an old water tower with a spectacular view on the city. There is also a small and quite cheap café on the top of the tower that offer sandwiches and hot tea and coffee to make to enjoy the great view from the tower even more! You can easily reach the place by trams that go to Guldheden and Sahlgrenska.

Masthuggskyrkan at foggy evening
Masthuggskyrkan at foggy evening

The third place is Masghuggskyrkan. This is red brick made old church that located on the top of the hill in Masthugget area. You definitely saw the church before, because it is very hard not to notice it! The church is 60 meters high and rises 127 meters over the see level. From the terrace near the church is is fantastic view both on the harbor and Majorna area, and on the city center and Stena Line Denmark terminal. This place is my favorite and I like to come there to see spectacular view on the sun set, night Gothenburg and to enjoy the beauty of the city. It is easy to get to Masthuggskyrka – just go up to the road from the tram stop Stigbergstorget.

View on the harbor from Masthuggskyrkan
View on the harbor from Masthuggskyrkan

I hope you will enjoy these places as I do! And trevlig helg (have a nice weekend)!

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