Football, beer and Rock & Roll

As I am becoming an expert in bars that are around the city, today I come to tell you about two of the best bars I’ve found for the moment. These are two different bars, but they are very close together, the two are on the Viktoriagatan street, one at number 3 and another at number 5.

I know most of you probably already know them, but these few words are addressed to future students who want to study in Gothenburg, and who are worried because they don’t know where they can watch their football team or where to hear good rock & roll, here in town. Do not worry guys, I will help you.

The Queen Restaurant-BarFootball and cold beer. Is there a better combination?

In this bar you can feel like in a typical football tavern of London , surrounded by holligans and enjoying the taste of a cold beer, the best football (and many other sports), and especially, in the best company. It also has pretty good prices on drinks, and I’m sorry, but I can not tell anything about the food because I have not tested it here yet. If you like sports, this is definitely your place.

Calor Restaurant: Latin food and Rock & Roll, nice couple.

Yesterday, after that Handelspuben was closed, two friends and I went to discover this place. We were pleasantly surprised the good treatment of staff and the good atmosphere that was there. Also, Wednesday is “Open Stage” night, when if you like to sing you can jump on stage and show what you can do, accompanied by two good guitarists. We had a great night. This site has a large menu of Latin-style food, and beer at a good price. For lovers of Latin food and good music, this is my recommendation.

So I offer to you Football, Cold Beer, Food and Rock & Roll, What else you need to spend a great night?

Finally, here you have some of the pictures from my last visit to The Queen in the company of other erasmus friends, a couple of weeks ago in champions night.

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