Workshop “Successful job interview” with Volvo IT

Many people used to think that student union is just about protecting the right of students and representing student opinion on the University level. It is definitely – very important focuses of Göta Student Union’s work. But there is also large piece of work that aims to make student’s better prepared for the future professional life. And last Friday I took part in the inspiring workshop on effective job interview, organized by the IT-section of Göta Union in collaboration with Volvo IT.

While entering workshop hall participants got four colorful tickets, and only later it became clear that colors and numbers on the papers are meaningful. And based on the chosen ticket each participant got chance to play a few different roles: interviewee, interviewer or observer. It was very exciting to make very realistic role plays as it would be real job interview. Especially because that positions we have discussed during role plays were real vacancies in Volvo Corporation. And it was interesting to test one’s perspectives in relation to those particular positions.

The job interview could be lucky ticket to your dream job, or to be a stop factor. And it is very important to know who to make it efficient. Experienced HR-managers know a lot of tricky questions to reveal potential of a candidate.

One of the observers of the role plays was recruitment manager from Volvo IT. And in the second part of the workshop there was question session, when he gave to participants valuable recommendations how to make a job interview successful and how to avoid mistakes. I think almost all participants of the workshop left the event with a new knowledge that could be really useful in the nearest future.

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