Fika in a Spanish atmosphere

This afternoon was a different afternoon. I heard today through the facebook group of Spanish in Gothenburg, that a few of Spanish who are living here from more or less time were going to meet to have a fika. As it could not be otherwise, and although I didn’t know much they before, I’ve decided to join them. And the truth is that I do not regret at all because they are very friendly people, and I spent a very pleasant afternoon.

The idea was to share a coffee, some laughs, and meet those compatriots with whom we have been speaking only through facebook. And why not, for a little chat in our native Spanish. To do this, the chosen site could not be better. We have met in Språkcaféet located in Esperantoplatsen (Near the tram stop of Järntorget). A languages coffee shop ​​with extraordinary international environment.

In this fika we have met people from all over Spain and dedicated to varied professional fields. Some of these people are even famous because they have appeared on Spanish television programs as “Andaluces por el mundo” (Andalusians around the world) or more recently in “Españoles por el mundo” (Spaniards around the world) of nationwide.

Today we have met people from who have been here for several years, until people like me who’ve only been here two months, but I would love to stay longer, considering the few hopes for the future in my country. But I am aware that this requires learning Swedish, which is essential for integration into the country’s culture and to feel as an citizen more.

One of the things I liked most was seeing how some of these Spanish, have gone to fika accompanied by their babies, something which always adds joy to any meet.

We are people very diverse, but all of us have two things in common: that we are Spanish, and that Sweden is offering us a place to progress in the professional arena, but mostly in the personnel. I hope these meetings will be repeated more often. Thank you very much to all the Spanish who have attended this nice meeting, but fundamentally, thank you very much to Sweden for making it possible.

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