Swedish Language Course


As a free mover student at the University of Gothenburg, I get to take part in a free Swedish Language Course. For me, classes began last Thursday.


I took this picture right outside of the university building where my class is held. So beautiful!

The class is great! There are about 35 students from about 25 different countries. It is a great way to meet more students my age. The teacher is very enthusiastic and willing to answer all questions. She speaks mostly in Swedish, but explains things in English if necessary. Classes meet once a week for three hours, and there is a little bit of review work that should be completed during the week. You don’t receive any university credits for completing the course.

After only one course, I, of course, don’t know much. But I was proud that I was able to write a full paragraph for my homework assignment based on what I learned in class last week!

Here is some simple Svenska: Hej! Jag heter Lauren och jag kommer från USA. Varifrån kommer du? Vad talar du för språk? 😀

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