Apartment hunting in Gothenburg

So I just want to put it out there that finding an available flat is very difficult in Gothenburg! However, if you are a student (especially erasmus student), the University makes sure you have an accommodation within the first week. And also, I have had several opportunities for second hand apartments (when you just rent a flat for 6 months-1 year from someone who is leaving the country for a while.) But my boyfriend and I think it is time to commit to something more long term, so we started looking for flats to buy over the weekend.

How it works in Sweden is that you go to “visningar” or “viewings” of the apartments you have are interested in (also pictures available online.) So we went to see two over the weekend and we will go look at more this week. I think we really loved one of them because it is very fresh and modern and 5 minutes from the tram to town! The other was more of a “fixer-upper” but it had a guest bedroom and potential!

…we also stopped for an “on the go” fika between showings. Weather was crap and raining…but our Starbucks lattes and traditional Singoalla Swedish cookies sure kept our spirits high! 😛 Stay tuned…perhaps there will be a “My new apartment” post soon. Jag Hoppas det!

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