Yesterday, I had the amazing opportunity to go to the opening night of Hemland? at the Gothenburg Opera House.

Hemland? is a touring dance show. The website describes it as “a thought-provoking evening, where the choreographers explore alienation and identity from some very different angles using a combination of gravity, irony and subtle humour.” A husband and wife duo choreographed the first half of the show. This portion of the show was highly energetic and entertaining. There was a live band that played the music for this part of the show. I think this added a very interesting aspect to the show.

After intermission, the second portion of the show was choreographed by another choreographer, and the feel was definitely different, but still very interesting. This part of the show was definitely more of a “dreamland” feel for me. It makes you enter a futuristic world.

If you’re interested in seeing the arts & culture of Gothenburg, I would highly suggest going to see this show!! I really, really loved the experience!

For booking information and to see a video clip of the show, visit http://en.opera.se/forestallningar/hemland-2012-2013/


Taking their bows

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