Sunny football day

These last few nights is very cold here, but in spite of that, during the day the sun is coming out so lovely that makes my day.

So when I went out this morning to the street and I saw this wonderful day, I decided to leave my university tasks for this weekend, and go play soccer with the other exchange students.

The place where we played, and where we play usually is a football pitch called Heden, located next to the tram stop of Valland. If you are also a student in the city, and want to join us, just log into the facebook group: Göteborg Exchange Soccer Fall 2012, where you can see the exact time of our next match.

We have to make the most of the sun, because there remain only a few more days of good weather in the city. And what better way than playing football with friends?

And to finish this great day, when I arrived home tired by two hours of hard sport, I had a pleasant surprise, and is that one package had arrived from Spain, loaded with lots of love from my dear family. This family love has form of a lot of pata negra ham, Manchego cheese, Spanish salami, and a bottle of Bacardi rum to prepare the mojitos that I love. Father, mother and brothers, I love you so much! 🙂

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