Small joys and kayaking around Marstrand

Working on the small research project this week I am spending quite a lot of time outside. I observing if people in Sweden cross the street at a red light and trying to figure out attitudes toward breaking that rule. Decided to work under the task I was not pretty sure that doing observations outside during fall would be a good idea. But the weather the last few days is absolutely fantastic and I am very exciting to spend these last sunny days being out.


Today at Järntorget I saw a crowd of children playing there, and the thought lighten my mind. It is so important in your life carefully keep the small things that make you happy and joy! Something like just going out during sunny day and to do something crazy. To screw up your eyes, but still trying to look at the gentle fall sun light.. Or to whistle waltz melody in time with spinning colorful leaves. I think actually that such small things can make you happy regardless of all troubles and vanity of human life..

Preparations for kayaking trip

There is one thing that always makes me very happy – it is kayaking. And thanks to my friends last weekend I was invited for kayaking trip to Marstrand. The place definitely deserves special post and I hope that I will do it very soon. Paddling around peaceful and colorful because of painted tree leaves islands was something incredible. The water was shining in response to autumn sun, and I assure you that it was not even cold. It is great benefit for people living close to the sea/ocean/river or lake – because water has unique abilities to heal and to get off any stress.. At least for me it is.

And during these bright fall days I wish you keep that small things that make you smile and joyful.

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