What is swedish “Fika”?

At this time of the course, I am sure that almost all of you know what is the “Fika” and you have enjoyed it on more than one occasion. But, for those who do not know it yet, here I present a short reportage about Swedish tradition of Fika. In the video it explained in what consists this interesting swedish tradition.

In the video also you can see the vision that different international students have about this interesting way of social interaction, and the comparison with similar traditions in their countries of origin. As well, you can see the process of making the famous “Kanelbulle” (Cinnamon Buns) and other delicious sweets to accompany the coffee or tea.

If you want to enjoy a good fika, I recommend you to try one of the many coffee shops that you can find in Haga. My favorite is one called “Le petit café” (Haga Nygatan 2), which has a special bohemian atmosphere.

I hope you like this reportage, and enjoy your next delicious “Fika” time!

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