Colorful Slottsskogen

The weekend presented to us wonderful and unforgettable weather; and it was impossible to stay at home while the sun was shining and the sky was cloudless and bright blue. That is why Saturday morning I decided to promenade in wonderful park Slottsskogen in the heart of Gothenburg.

Shady alleys were a kind of paved with colorful fallen leaves, which created unique romantic surrounding. Slottsskogen is a large park not far from Järntorget at the end of luxury Linneagatan. And I like the park in every season. Anytime of come there you will find something especially for your mood. It could be active games like Frisbee golf, volleyball or something else. Or you could walk under dozens of small paths around the park and sit for a while on the hidden bench.

The meadow in the center of the park was full of people, it was a feast that in Swedish calls “kalas”.  On the back of the staff-members it was written “trygg, vacker stan” (in English it is “save, beautiful city”) – how do you think what city is the statement about? Okey, the question was too easy. It is Gothenburg. The event was focused on recycling and environment-friendly technologies in the city. Bright billboards call for people to think about litter and the future of the city. It was amazing that event gathered so many people with relatively small children. I agree that it is very important to rear “miljövänliga” (environmentally friendly) children. The guests of the kalas could taste traditional Swedish fika and to enjoy nice music by DEO quartet and others.

If you haven’t seen brilliant autumn dressing of Slottsskogen yet – you should definitely do it! It is my warm recommendation to you, my friends! Just don’t forget your photo-camera – you will have a wish to take a dozens of photos for sure! Here is some that I did myself:

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