Party in the house!

To show that not always the best plans are expensive, yesterday I had an amazing night in the company of people of many countries (mainly Italians and French) and without spending almost nothing, only what it costed me buy a couple of beers at the supermarket.

A friend of mine invited me to a party which was held in a enormous house near my place, with people from Chalmers University, and as yesterday I had no better plan, I joined delighted to the party .

Before arriving at the place where the party was taking place, I could not imagine that the house was so big and the people at the party were so friendly. I love how open-minded are the erasmus people, is very easy to make friends and have fun.

The house was the closest thing to the houses of American films style “American Pie”. It even had a sauna and a pool on the ground floor of the house. It was incredible! But as I do not want this house will become the official place of the parties, I will not say where it is. Maybe if you are as lucky as me, maybe they will invite you to the next party. Just stay tuned to the facebook events.

I want to end this post giving my thanks the organizers of the party!

As always, here I show you some pictures of the party so you can see what fun we had last night! 😉

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