Liseberg Sunday

This weekend, I’ve been very busy working on the home exam for my marketing course. Marketing is a new subject for me, since my bachelor was about history and now I am studying a Master of tourism in my country. Therefore, this is the first course on marketing that I have in my life. Thus, I have a double difficulty of working in this home exam, first the difficulty of writing in a language different than mine, and secondly the fact that all concepts are new to me.

For all this, the Saturday night I decided to be a good boy and stay home even though at Sticky Fingers had a big party. My friends have uploaded photos of the party to social networks so I can see what I missed. Thanks a lot dear friends! 😡 hahaha

Despite this, the Sunday afternoon I found some time to visit Liseberg amusement park with some friends, because the entry was free this weekend for all exchange students from the city of Gothenburg.

The Liseberg amusement park is a very nice place, there are plenty of restaurants to snack, places where you can try to win a mega chocolate bar (although did not seem particularly easy, there were many people walking in the park with these chocolate bars under his arm. Lucky people, I suppose), and of course, many attractions where you can have fun as a child of 8 years. In our visit, we not enter in any of the attractions, we decided just take a leisurely walk along the park.

So for all of you that have not yet visited this amusement park and want spend a different day, I have to tell that you should hurry up, because the next weekend is the last one that the park is open, because the next Sunday is the closure of the season.

Here you have some photos that I took during my visit to Liseberg. 🙂

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