Countryside weekend and beauty of Swedish nature

Swedish nature is amazing and unique in its delicate northern beauty. One of the very important things that you should know about Sweden is a unique attitude towards nature that Swedes have.  And autumn is a great time to have a walk, to spend a couple of days outside of the city, and to enjoy Swedish nature.

After even a short time is Sweden you start understand that weather here (at least in the West coast) is so unpredictable that if there is a good day – do not miss it sitting at home! Last weekend I spent with amazing Chalmers male choir in the Lysestrand area on the sea cost in around 1.5 hour to the north from Gothenburg.

Researchers of Swedish culture usually point out that Swedish climate with long winters encourages a tendency to romanticize nature. And even if some people tend to day that northern nature is inclement, but I, personally, think that Swedish nature really deserve to be romanticized.

Autumn paints trees in a wonderful gentle pallet of colors. There are plenty of mushrooms and berries. And even if salty wind from the sea became colder day by day; autumn is a tender time to think and to enjoy the beauty of nature.

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