Swedish chef for a night

So my previous blog post about MAX received a response from my Swedish classmate named Max, who said, “Well I am glad you like my food!” As a joke I’m assuming…but eventually that joke evolved into me being invited as a guest to make a Swedish dish with him Friday night!

Growing up in America, believe it or not, there was one Swedish icon that was more beloved than ABBA, or IKEA…and that was the Swedish chef! So of course I requested to make meatballs for the dish. Although, Max said his specialty is Asian food, might have to try that one next. 😉

I think I mostly just peeled potatoes, but the meal was completely delicious with mashed potatis and Swedish classic side of lingonberry sauce (similar to cranberries)! We drank red wine with the meal and I got the honor of trying my very first White Russian cocktail. Yum!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Swedish phrase everyone should learn, “smaklig måltid!” means the same as “bon appetit!” 😉

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