Fulbright in Stockholm

Hej everyone! If you are interested in studying or researching in Sweden after earning your bachelor’s degree, perhaps you can look into the Fulbright program! Many European students can participate in the Erasmus program, but if you are coming from the states or some other countries, funding can be hard to find.

My time at the University of Gothenburg is funded by the Fulbright program and the Whitaker program. Fulbright is a program with a main objective to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other nations through the sharing of ideas, knowledge, skills and individual experiences. If you are an American student interested in studying in Sweden– check it out at fulbright.se or feel free to email fulbright@fulbright.se if you have questions! Because it is an international exchange program, it also funds Swedish students to travel to the states! So if you are Swedish and would like to study in the states, you can also visit the website or email fulbright@fulbright.se.

This Thursday, I got to travel to Stockholm for a day of Fulbright orientation. I met a lot of amazing, motivated students! Stockholm is an incredibly beautiful city and so accessible from Gothenburg!! I took the train out at 6 and returned around 23:30. I wanted to share some of my pictures with you. We were given a private tour of the beautiful City Hall, where the Nobel Prize dinner celebration occurs. We were also given a private tour of the Vasa Museum, a museum about a recovered ship that sank in the 17th century– but it was very special because we were taken into the magazines under the ship, where they store everything that is not on display. We saw parts of the bodies of the victims that have been preserved, including a brain!! We also got to smell some rum that was found still sealed in a bottle at the bottom of the ocean 400 years later!

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2 thoughts on “Fulbright in Stockholm

  1. wow! Thanks so much for these precious advices! I would love to study in Sweden one day…hopefully!
    Seems like Sweden has a rich culture:)
    What did you think of its people?

    1. Hej! Let me know if you have any more questions. Really, I’d love to help.

      Living in Sweden has been amazing so far. Honestly, the people are great. The thing is, there are TONS of international students in the city (going to either GU or Chalmers), and there are fun events planned nearly every night because of this. There are lots of new people around that are wanting to make friends, so it has been really easy and fun to meet people from all over Europe.

      Swedes are great too! There are obviously many different types of people, but, to generalize, there are many “shy” Swedes. However, if you just say hi, they are very friendly! I’ve heard multiple times that if you befriend a Swede, they’ll be your friend for life. Most people speak perfect English and are happy to speak English with you. I’ve also found that they are very willing to help (be it with housing, finding places, getting to know your way around, etc).

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