I have a Swedish gym membership!

Äntligen är jag medlem!

I have always loved working out and have been longing to get back to training! It has been about 6 months since I last worked out in a legitimate gym. But as of today I am officially a member of Sportlife gym! I pay 299 kronor ($47) a month plus a 300 kronor startup fee. Although Göteborgs Universitet has a partnership and discount plan with Fysiken, I have chosen to go with Sportlife for several reasons. I think this gym has better locations, I go to the one right next to the train station so I can just hop on the train home when I’m all gross and sweaty and no longer want to be seen in public. Also, Fysiken has 2 “real” locations that aren’t as central, versus Sportlife which has around 10 on every corner! All locations within 10-15 minutes walk in town. I believe at Sportlife once you’re a member you can go to all locations, wherein you can choose only 1 location at Fysiken.  However it is about 50SEK ($10) more at Sportlife a month, but in my opinion it’s worth the investment!

Time to get to work! The question is do I start with squats…or the treadmill? 😉

A while ago I made a video for my Swedish contact person before we ever met in person. She was curious to see my gym in sunny Florida, so I gave her a little tour. Here is me being a complete dork! (skip to 3:30 if you just want to see the tour!)

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