Hej guys!

This weekend I visited the Aeroseum with some friends. There is always so much to do at night, but we realized that during the days in the weekend, we were just sitting around. So- we decided to start planning day trips! We started off with the Aeroseum (visit the website here:– There is an English option!). It’s an airplane museum near the Gothenburg City Airport, and it’s pretty easy to get to with public transit if you have a bus card!

We didn’t plan so well, and ended up waiting 40 minutes for the bus. Always be sure to check the timetables for a specific day of the week– it can be different on Sunday!! 😉

I have no particular interest in airplanes, but I went with a friend who flies planes and another who is an aerospace engineer, so I learned a lot! The entrance fee is 80 SEK.

There are lots of small planes and helicopters. I think the best part is that you get to sit inside some of them 😀

They also have a few different types of planes that you can sit in for a flight simulation. It costs an extra 50 SEK for 15 minutes, so I chose not to do it, but my friend (who flies planes for real) did it. It was pretty funny because he crashed while landing all three times– I’m never getting in a real plane with him at the controls!!!


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