The first 2012/2013 Göta Parliament Assembly

Last week brought a lot of different meetings and activities to me, and was very intensive. One of the events was the first Parliament session of the Göta Student Union for the current study year 2012/2013. And I’m the only one international student among the Göta Parliament members. And I feel great responsibility representing all international students of the University of Gothenburg in the highest authority of the Göta Student Union.

I still remember the day when I decided to try myself as a student politician. It was a cold and windy day in February, so typical for Swedish west coast. It was the dead line for applications to the Göta Parliament. And I decided to try. Why not? The idea I came to elections was simple and precise: to involve foreign students in activities of Göta Union. And I was elected.

Parliamentarian Pavel Rodin

The first Parliament session 2012/2013 took up the plans for the year. And Parliament made an official approval of the Göta’s agenda 2012/2013. The two priority goals are: all members should be able to benefit from the high-quality education, and Göta student union should be a role model among student unions. The document is written in Swedish, and I’ve tried to keep the main idea while translating it.

Göta aims to help the University to improve the quality of education by involving strong and knowledgeable student representatives into the work of counsel boards on different levels. Göta put attention to collaboration with student groups.  The Union claims that education should be physically, mentally and socially accessible to all students. To know more about Göta strategy and activities, visit official web-page.

I hope in the near future all important documents and policies of Göta Student Union will be available both in Swedish and English. It is clear, that to be heard it is essential to speak up. Even if heckling with questions Presidium and the other Parliament members might be to some extent irritating. But it is very important that the voice of international students to be heard, to make our studies and social life better and more productive, and to make Sweden the best country for international students in the nearest future.

It is an interesting co-incidence, that the first Parliament session of Göta Union was the same week as the opening of 2012/2013 Riksdag session. Of course it is impossible to compare the importance of Riksdag and student union, but I would say that there is a sort of continuity of democratic representation in Sweden, which grows from schools and universities and to the Swedish society as a whole.  And it is undoubtedly very important.

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