McDonald’s…Swedish version?!

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite things about Sweden: MAX fast food restaurant! As an American girl, it was always comforting to go and eat at the “golden arches,” or McDonald’s. But I have been converted! I now am a MAX girl all the way. Aside from their silly and charming commercials, here are some reasons why:

1. Max has really great customer service. And so far the only staff I’ve encountered have been very sweet, blonde, Swedish model type girls. I suppose it’s just in their genes to be gorgeous? haha.

2. Food is great. Especially their different dipping sauces, Swedes love their sauces!

3. It is SO clean! Never ever would you find a Swedish establishment that wasn’t super clean. I think it is just in their culture to be neat and tidy. Also, they have a whole recycling station, I hope one day America will follow Sweden’s example and start being more environmentally friendly!

4. Similiar to the McDonalds playplace, they have a bounce house and video games!

5. As the 2nd largest coffee consuming country in the world, Swedens’ MAX makes sure that every costumer gets a complimentary cup a’ joe. I took mine to for the road.

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On that note, stay tuned for my post about my upcoming Swedish gym membership, I will need it after this one! 😉

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